Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Fascinating what I learn about Mommy and Daddy when I visit them after they think I have gone to bed.

Can you believe that Daddy had gone to the Happy Meal Place without me!  Well, nothing like being caught in the act to give me the upper hand in our relationship.  

Mommy and Daddy were being naughty tonight!

They owe me BIG TIME!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Maximizing My Candy Consumption!

How do I maximize my nightly Easter candy consumption?  Pretty simple, get Daddy addicted to it.

There was a method here.  Mommy insisted that if Daddy wanted to eat any more of my bunnies he had to share them with me.  Thus, the more he ate the more was given to me.

Kind of like putting money into the bank.  It earns interest!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

A Full Day Of Easter

When Mommy sent me to Papo and Deeda's for a couple of hours I knew something was brewing . . . and I wasn't disappointed!

Not only did I get some serious candy, I also got an entire Dinosaur herd!
And scissors!
The fun wasn't going to end there either.  I think very few children end the day with TWO Easter Baskets.  
Somebody must have paid the Bunny off with some extra carrots!  I scored.
Love this holiday, not as many gifts as Christmas but the chocolate more than makes up for it.
Oh, and the extra attention.  Fewer relatives so there is more of a focus on me.
Not a bad day.  Lucky there were a few more adults there. In the end it was a bit too much for someone.  It was as if his energy level decreased directly proportionally to mine increasing.  
The physiology of adults fascinates me.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Guys Night!!!

Oh yeah, I do appreciate the women in my life.  But sometimes you need to just hang with the guys and  tonight I certainly did.  Mommy went to Costco, Deeda went to a play and guess who got to hang out with Papo, Daddy and Uncle Mark.

Well, Daddy was a bit of a kill-joy with his constant monitoring of me but that is another story.
Besides that detail bring it on!
Nothing like having the females away to really cut it up!
 I had a discussion with Uncle Mark about the costs versus profits of Drilling For Oil, I mean how much more Masculine can you get than that . . . 
. . . to our final discussion about which Dinosaur would have won if they went up against each other.
Well, in the final Coup de grace we decided to leave a Polar Bear in the Freezer to scare Deeda. Naughty!  But that is what happens when guys get together.
Turns out that when the drinks are flowing people forget to eat.  Thankfully, Mommy was available with a burrito when we got home.  Oh, did I forget Daddy forgot to bring a brat home for Mommy, naughty again!
Turns out a guys night always turns into the Men getting in trouble with the Women.

I'm taking notes.


Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Thank You Asa Mercer!

As you might know through my blog posts, I do like GIRLS quite a bit.
Still, did you know that over a hundred years ago there were very few girls in Seattle.  There was the unfortunate ratio of about Ten to One in the Male to Female population.

Seattle was a bit of a rough and tumble town only filled with a bunch of rowdy lumberjacks, fishermen and gold miners.  It was a place that really needed a women's touch.

Enter Asa Mercer!
He started importing them and the place became a lot less crazy and more family oriented when the guys started behaving themselves.  There were now women around to put them in "Time Out".
Still can't believe this crazy ratio was once a reality in Seattle.  Glad this troubling period is now regulated to the museum.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Man Up Daddy!

I've got to say, I think I have a bit more of a backbone than my Daddy.  Especially looking at the way he dealt with life when he was younger.

Haircuts and Hair Washing according to reports were total tearfests for my Daddy.  These things are all necessary, you can sob about them or find a way to make them enjoyable.

What can I say, I make the whole process just seem FUN!

Well today I had another first and I didn't even FLINCH!
Talk about knowing how to roll with the punches of being a Toddler.  Loved the shades!


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Seems Like Dinosaur Train Is A Privilege And Not A Right

I was looking forward to catching my nightly episode of Dinosaur Train tonight.  After all, it is something like food and shelter that I am entitled to as a Toddler . . .
. . . uh oh, that was expected.  Turns out throwing a tantrum about not wanting to go to bed before the program just didn't fly.  To even get it turned on meant doing some back-peddling on my original negotiations.  Lame!
I made sure to sulk through the entire episode.
This Constitution I hear about needs some new Amendments to protect the rights of Toddlers.  We are one of the most unrepresented groups out there.
This is the end result when you only include adults in the writing of our laws!